As the first American woman in history to earn an Olympic silver medal in freestyle wrestling, bantamweight Sara McMann brings a lofty set of credentials with even loftier expectations to her blossoming MMA career.

After a decorated amateur wrestling career that saw her rack up multiple victories across the globe — including two separate gold-medal finishes in the 2003 and 2007 Pan American Games to sandwich her 2004 Olympic success — McMann turned her sites on MMA in 2010. Now, just one short year after making her professional debut, McMann has run together an impressive 5-0 record, and is already being hailed as one of the top-ten female MMA fighters in the world.

In her short career, McMann has already proven that she has the makings of true mixed martial artist who is comfortable no matter where the fight goes, mixing in submissions and striking to her dangerous wrestling base. Her grappling skills have already earned her another silver medal and the 2009 FILA grappling world championship goal medal ¬†for her trophy case, a second-place finish at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Combat Club’s 2011 North American Championships. As she prepares for her first main-event bout of her career, you can bet that McMann will be a driving force of women’s MMA for years to come.

When she’s not grinding it out on the mats at Revolution Mixed Martial Arts, you can find Sara tending to her beautiful little girl, or probably checking her Facebook.